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Joy Leng is the founder of Joylight Transformational Coaching. She is an ICF accredited empowerment coach, the author of “From Zero to Shakti”.


She is a DiSC profiling consultant and a certified warrior goddess facilitator, trained by Heather Ash Amara, the author of the Warrior Goddess Training.

Her mission is to ignite kick ass lives and to ignite one million Shaktis (Goddesses) on Fire for the betterment of the world.

Kick Ass Inspiration and Updates:

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    Be Do Have Vision

    Check out our latest Vision Board Magic Webinar! P.S. ~ Get your free Step 1 of Let’s Step! Goal Setting Program and my latest kick ass updates here.​ ~ Your Kick Ass Coach, Joy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AMAZON
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    Kick Ass 15 – Is Your Life a Script or a Movie?

    Imagine for a moment that you are a scriptwriter. A brilliant albeit lazy one. What you have written in the past have always received raving reviews and won many awards. Your success has made you somewhat, lethargic. Now if your next script
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  • Vision Board Magic Webinar(1)

    Vision Board Magic Webinar

    Want a concrete way to create a compelling future focused and inspired from within? A vision board is a potent and creative tool that guides you towards clarity about your deepest desires revolving around your work, relationship
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    Kick Ass Council Singapore

    ~ Want to be empowered, held accountable in a close knit community of Kick Assters? ~ Want to be guided by a qualified and passionate coach without breaking the bank? BE a part of Kick Ass Council Singapore to shift your 2017 to the next
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  • 'Life is nothing but a dream, and if you create your life with love, your dream becomes a masterpiece of art.' - Don Miguel

    Kick Ass 13 – Masterpiece

    ~ Get your free Step 1 of Let’s Step! Goal Setting Program and my latest kick ass updates here.​ ~ Here’s to your soul elevation! [leadpages_leadbox leadbox_id=140242c46639c5]
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  • “Life keeps throwing me stones.And I keep finding the diamonds...”― Ana Claudia Antunes

    Kick Ass 12- Mistakes are Diamonds in the Rough

    Last week I took part in a Bachata bootcamp in the Singapore International Latin Festival. The catch here was that we had to perform after the bootcamp. That was scary but I thought it would be a good push factor. I was looking forward
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    Kick Ass 11 – Vision Board Magic

    In the cycles of our lives, there will be some beginnings that will seem to come with beautiful promises. An excited air of anticipation is the general atmosphere. While it is definitely well and good to be motivated by the delicious waft of
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    Kick Ass 10 – The All is in the All

    As a young child who found out that she was adopted, my world went pitch black in an instant. I even attempted suicide once. I thought I was not loved, not wanted. As a child, it is understandable to feel that way. After all, you are
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    Kick Ass 9 – Exciting Scare!

    Here's to your soul elevation! http://kickass.joyleng.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/joyleng-1.mp4   Thanks for reading. *** How often do you say yes when you meant no? Or say no when you meant yes? Take the free Authentic U
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From Zero To Shakti by Joy Leng

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From Zero to Shakti, a woman’s path to self-healing and empowerment

About Joy Leng


– the founder of Joylight Transformational Coaching.
– Author of ‘From Zero to Shakti’,
– Creator of Shakti on Fire Podcast,
– An ICF accredited empowerment coach,
– a DiSC profiling consultant and
– a certified Warrior Goddess facilitator,
– an online course provider

She has various online coaching programs such as Let’s Step! Goal Setting program and 7 Days Self Compassion Challenge.

She is also the firestarter of For Our Children (FOC), an initiative to raise funds to build schools in third world countries.

Her mission is to ignite Kick Ass lives. She has a burning vision, of empowering one million women (Shaktis-on-Fire), to do three million good deeds, by 2028.

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